Recruitment period

When required (either entry-level or with experience)


Administrative position (office work, sales, and R&D): Graduates (graduate-to-be) from a four-year-course college, graduates (or graduate-to-be) from a two-year-course college

Manufacturing & technical position: High school graduates (or above)

Completed or exempted from military service

Qualified for overseas travel


  • Submit the standard application form provided by recruitment site (JOB KOREA, SARAMIN)
  • Submit the application form via e-mail
  • We will request successful candidates (paper screening) to submit further necessary documents.


  • Screening papers submitted by applications
  • Having interviews with team leader – executives – CEO
    (successful candidates)
  • Notifying the final successful candidates. Congratulations!


Tel for recruitment e-mail for recruitment If you have any questions on recruitment, please call or email the contact information. Your questions will be always welcomed.

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