Korea’s largest OA roller manufacturer AH SUNG CHEMICAL CO., LTD. is leading the domestic OA roller market and continues to conduct R&D activities, aiming at gaining an international reputation, developing new products, and achieving differentiated technologies in the rubber processing field. Equipped with professional researchers and technological power on rubber products, we are also striving to develop advanced as well as green products used for OA, electrical and electronic, chemical, and automobile products. Since the establishment, we have been well aware of the importance of technological development, and therefore, we have established the affiliated research center to concentrate on R&D activities. As a result, we developed magnetic rollers for the first time in Korea and obtain a patent at home and abroad. We will continue to develop cutting-edge and eco-friendly products.

  • Rubber design & compounding technology
    Various kinds of rubbers are dispersed and mixed.
    With our unique extruding, pressing, and hardening methods, we manufacture high-material property products.
    In compliance with specifications provided by the customer, we produce products with precision and accuracy.
  • Rubber processing technology
    Our knowhow accumulated for 30 years contributes to making error-free products. We deliver high-quality products in terms of surface profile, surface friction coefficient, dimension, and roundness.
  • Surface processing technology
    We perform analyses of material properties by using advanced equipment, in order to see whether dispersion and compounding are enough, there is any transfer to the surface of the product, or there is any change in material properties by temperature.
  • Development of new products
    To develop cutting-edge and environmentally friendly products, we operate New Product Development Team, figuring out domestic and overseas market conditions and informing the research center of the results to make productive investment.

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