Welcome to the website of AH SUNG CHEMICAL CO., LTD.
I am LEE YOUNG-SANG , CEO of the Company.
First of all, I would appreciate your visit to our website. Established in 1977 as a rubber sponge manufacturer, AH SUNG CHEMICAL CO., LTD. now mainly produces rubber rollers, which are core technology for IT and OA devices, and has been continuously growing over 40 years with relentless effort and outstanding technological power.

We are also intensifying our international competitiveness and concentrating on the development of technologies in the rubber roller industry in this era of globalization and technological innovation as well as actively standardizing and normalizing all of our processes for customer satisfaction.

While we at AH SUNG CHEMICAL strive to pursue a bright future, we would like to ask your support and interest. With pioneering and challenging spirit as a foothold, we will dedicate ourselves to technological development, producing the best quality and technology to repay to our customers’ support and meet their expectations.



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